Addendum: BRC Run – 04/11 – 0645 – Entering Boring

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Special Upcoming Activities

I COMPLETELY forgot to mention that we have at least 2 marathon opportunities for those of you who have been training.

On Saturday, April 18th, Speedy Pete will be running his marathon from the Common, which he described as a kind of cloverleaf.

On Monday, April 20th, Johnny G will be running HIS marathon from his house, but he has a route planned.

People interested in joining, while maintaining proper distance can get in touch with me, or those guys directly. We might get their routes published, so that they might get spectators involved (from a distance).

Go get 'em guys!


On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 11:28 AM Erik Slivka <> wrote:

Entering Boring? Never!

Let’s keep it going. This week, I really had nothing. No ideas, no clever words (pretend as if those ever come from me) and once again, obviously, no route. Thank goodness for online community.


Paul ’76 ‘Merica suggested it might be fun to tell people to go run and take pictures of your BRC friends’ houses. You know what? I liked it. Partly because it meant I could stop scratching my head over how to keep this thing alive, but mostly because it will get a ton of you (separately) out on Bear Hill Road. Which means…hills! WooHoo!


Go run and take pictures of BRC people, and their houses.


I’m still working out how to share the pictures you all sent me of the many monument and markers. They won’t all fit in an email sent through Google Groups. I think I will attach them to the Facebook page that we have for the BRC. Note that this email also gets posted there. You could also post your pictures under the Facebook post for the run. I know some of you aren’t on FaceBreak. I’m looking into how to share across all our media.



Great job to Kristen, Gene, and anyone else (I thought I saw a picture of Shaina?) who joined in on the Yeti Ultra. The only thing I want to do every 4 hours is maybe get another beer.


The Dangers of Running in Groups

I know several of you have seen the same article I have that describes how the 6ft suggestion is not quite enough if you’re actively moving, breathing heavily, and being in proximity to others. For us, this is obviously applicable to our running (and cycling) activities. Please use caution when interacting with others, and consider even more extreme distancing when active.



It would be nice if “the club” maintained our continuity. If some solo runner, not a group, runs from the Common at 6:45, it is still a BRC run. It would be nice if our Saturday club run didn’t go completely virtual. If someone is still planning to run from the Common at 0645, let me know so we have it covered.




Note that some items on this list have been modified.

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