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Alright! We have a winner for contest #3!
The first full set of border pictures sent to me was from Dave Barbato, John Gorman, Speedy Petey, and Rusty Bilodeau. It was also the only set of border pictures sent to me.
Some of their excellent pictures are included. I got hit with a size limit, so some border pix aren't shared below.
Dave conquered Middleton and Boxford as well as the Common (not required for this contest)
John hit Andover and Lawrence
Rusty went out and grabbed Andover, Middleton and North Reading
Pete went on a long run and secured Haverhill, Lawrence, Methuen, and Salem NH
Congratulations, gentlemen! You are the winners of the first BRC Border Scramble (as far as I can remember).
The next time we are able to be social in person, you will be awarded a free round of your favorite beverage, on me. Within reason.
For the rest of you, better luck next time. Prizes may get better (or worse) depending on what bills I may have due that week.

Contest #1 and #2 are still in process through midnight tonight. I will update you with the winners tomorrow.
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On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 9:36 AM Erik Slivka <> wrote:

What is Essential?

Everyone has been talking about what “essential” means in this age. Some businesses are forced to close if they aren’t deemed necessary to keep society going. Some of us are thrown out into the world at great risk to keep the engine at least idling, until the machine can roar back to life. How to work from home and how to school from home have become the major topics of conversation. A little less discussed is how to stay active as we all hunker down. That’s the easy part. Run. Running is importanter.


Some of you have peak fitness, and are ready for your marathon. Some of you are enjoying sleeping in and running later in the day. We can make all of your running goals happen, separately, by yourself. (Unless your running goal is to congregate with other sweaty runners, that goal will have to wait a bit) We can also keep it uniquely BRC. Everyone can participate, without fear of contagion. Well, maybe you’d catch something from your shoes. I mean have you seen those things? There is no set route again this week. Boring, right? How can we make this more fun and interactive?


We do it with CONTESTS!


Category 1: Farthest Documented Run

Many of you are ready for your marathons. Some are even training for Ultras. You all have watches and/or phones to track your distances. The longest distance recorded tomorrow wins this category. Go.

Category 2: Fastest 10K

Show me (via email obvs) your Garmin/Strava/Relive/whatever recordings for a 10K tomorrow that you really put your best effort. Fastest time wins.

Category 3: Secure the Borders

Talk to your running buddies and figure this out. Go run separately to the various borders. Take pictures, or show GPS data. The group that collaborates online to combine their borders into the whole enchilada and reports to me FIRST wins.


That being said, it would be nice if “the club” maintained our continuity. If some solo runner, or small group runs from the Common at 6:45, it is still a BRC run. It would be nice if our Saturday club run didn’t go completely virtual. If someone is still planning to run from the Common at 0645, let me know so we have it covered.


Here’s a decent resource for things to do, and not to do while running in the time of the Covid-19.



Mailing List updates

Now that there is some down time, I can start addressing my backlog of mailing list issues. I will be reaching out to people on the BCC: list to get you registered into our mailing list correctly. I just lose motivation for it mid-week.



Note that some items on this list have been modified.

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