BRC Run – 03/14 – 0645 – Boxford – 9.1 mi [BORDER]

13. March 2020 News 0

There are so many OTHER things we could be talking about.  

Holy cow, the media has whipped their followers into a frenzy, and so many have lost their minds! Tomorrow’s date is a fave of many math nerds. That’s right, Pi Day is here. BUT we also have St Patrick’s Day approaching. Some years, we’ve run in green. Springtime is looming ever closer, and we have had runs related to that. But the only thing on people’s minds seems to be hoarding TP and bottled water. C’mon, folks. Use your brains out there. So far, I’ve survived plenty of “end of the world” scenarios. I ate dirt as a kid, and went to the Rat in college. So I’m pretty sure I’m immune. However if I do get a case of Corona, I’ve also got a big bag of limes to help make it palatable.


Since most people seem to be hoarding the bottled water, I doubt there will be any placed on the route. Besides, someone may steal it. (And we know we’ve had that issue before.) Carry your own water if you need it. This route is short enough that you can survive without it. There will be no respirators or gu, either.


Boxford via Salem

Shorter Alternative: Run 1.57 miles along this route, turn around and go back to the Common. Ta-Da! Pi!


The Run to Breakfast™ is coming  

As of now, I still plan to hold the Run to Breakfast. I will let you know if that changes.


Mailing List updates

I will be reaching out to people on the BCC: list to get you registered into our mailing list correctly. I just lose motivation for it mid-week.



Note that some items on this list will be rescheduled or cancelled.

·         Mayyyyybe Tuesday 

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