BRC Run – 02/15 – 0645 – West Boxford – 7.5 mi [BORDER]

14. February 2020 News 0

It will be COLD tomorrow. All kidding aside, wear facemasks, gloves, hats, whatever you need. Get it on. Eddie might wear long pants. I’ve heard it will be so cold that people are delaying their skiing plans. It’s THAT kind of cold. I know I’ve been asking the universe for some real winter weather. I should be more specific. I would like the precipitation to occur simultaneously with the cold temperatures. And a Monday. In the meantime, the BRC will keep running, I guess. There’s some big race coming up in April that I know several people will be running. No slipping on ice is allowed.


Run to West Boxford and back. If you want, bring a few bucks for a break at West Boxford Provisions. (The shortcut route takes you past Smolak Farms, so you might get donuts if necessary to keep warm)


West Boxford:





·         Tuesday — BRC 5K

Start at Rolf’s at 645 PM. Note that this is back to EVENING RUNS. REFLECTIVE SAFETY GEAR is REQUIRED

·         1 Mar 2020 – Stu’s 30K

·         20 Apr 2020 – BAA Boston Marathon

·         17 May 2020 – Harpoon 5-Miler

I’ve seen several of you on the CoolRunning lists for this race. The only person on MY team who has placed has been unable to join us for the past several years. I’ll be there. You may get to the beer first, but I’ll be there.

·         18-19 Sep 2020 – Reach the Beach

·         19 Sep 2020 – Havey’s Inevitable Doom 50K Trail Run (AKA The Barkley Fall Classic)

Just another reminder, Kristen! It’s coming. Get those miles.

·         27 Sep 2020 – Berlin Marathon

·         4 Oct 2020 – Trot for Special Tots



This is actually my favorite route to run, with a nice mix of scenic views, charming country store, some hills, and medium distance. Now I just need to get back to running since I’ve finally healed my shins.





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