BRC Run – 01/25 – 0645 – Holly Effin’ Ridge – 5.4 or 8 mi

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Love ‘em or hate ‘em, it’s time to get your hills on. You know it’s good for you to occasionally get out of your comfort zone. There are many articles out there as to why hills are good for your training (although there are also a few that claim running flat is better.) Nonetheless, we’re going to run some hills. That’s just who we are, and you can’t really get away from them in North Andover, so we might as well embrace it. This is a challenging route, even though the mileage is short. If you’re a glutton for punishment, run the longer route and get even more hills. Watch for any residual ice.


Holly Effing Ridge:

Holly Effing Ridge plus Coventry:


Welcome New Members

We had a great night out at the Claddagh last night. Thanks for everyone who was able to attend. Welcome to our newest inducted members. Can we get to 150 this year? Always room for more.

137 – Megan O’Neill

138 – Wendy Quinn

139 – CarolAnn Hynes


Mailing List Maintenance

I’ve continued to neglect the mailing list. I promise it’s not intentional. I will address it soon. If anyone is having mailing list difficulties, reach out and let me know.



·         Tuesday — BRC 5K

Start at Rolf’s at 645 PM. Note that this is back to EVENING RUNS. REFLECTIVE SAFETY GEAR is REQUIRED

·         1 Mar 2020 – Stu’s 30K

·         20 Apr 2020 – BAA Boston Marathon

·         18-19 Sep 2020 – Reach the Beach

·         19 Sep 2020 – Havey’s Inevitable Doom 50K Trail Run (AKA The Barkley Fall Classic)

Kristen claimed she needed a countdown to her inevitable “death” but I’m trying to not be overly dramatic. We’ll just say “Doom.” She’ll be lightly striding through the woods near Wartburg, TN, with no GPS while we’re slowly grinding our way to the beer, I mean beach. Go Kristen!

·         27 Sep 2020 – Berlin Marathon

·         4 Oct 2020 – Trot for Special Tots




Wow, the character of that place really changed about 9:00. It became very interesting to watch. You know, from a sociological perspective, apes in the wild, Jane Goodall, and all that. Fascinating to see the young American courtship rituals in their native habitat. We should hold our next induction in the same place, just a bit later, and see if we can blend in.





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