BRC Christmas Run – 12/21 – 0900 – New Secret Destination – 3.6/6 mi [SECRET DESTINATION]

20. December 2019 News 0

He’s Making a List, and Checking it Twice.

I’m talking about Frank, of course. He’s been making a list of those of you who have (and haven’t) responded to let him know that you are 100% indeed, definitely, for sure coming to the BRC Christmas Run tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM. But he also says it’s OK if you don’t. Just come run and have a good time. This is a nice leisurely run to our new “secret destination” where we will enjoy good company and revelry. Be on your best BRC behavior. Whatever that means.



As an early Christmas Gift, I have not been privy to the planning of this event. Without that foreknowledge, there’s little I can do except repeat what information we have all received from Frank already. Show up ready to run from the Common at 9am. As you know, the old “secret destination” has ceased operations, and is no longer available to us. Other than that, please re-read Frank’s instructions:


“The secret location is not the only change that we are making this year.  For the 1st time ever you will have a choice of routes.  One route will be 3.6 miles and another route will be 6 miles.  The two routes intertwine a bit and a portion of both are along the same route so we will still have plenty of time to socialize along the route and our race elves will be providing a pit stop or two to get us primed up for the final destination.

We will have vehicles at the destination to provide transportation back to the Common.  You can also put a change of clothes in the transport vehicles before they depart from the Common.

Remember, holiday attire is encouraged.

Bring some money with you for the food and beverages and for a big tip to the staff at our destination.  We will also be making a donation to It’s All About the Kids.  Every year we have been able to make a healthy contribution to this charity that our own Andrew McDevitt helps organize so please bring a little extra for the donation.

Whoever has the Cup should remember to bring it.”



Find Your Dress Whites/Dress Grays

I am given to understand that we have a number of un-initiated new members. We will be having a BRC Induction night in mid-January. Keep your eyes out for the notices, and be ready to welcome our new members.


Mailing List Maintenance

I’ve neglected the mailing list for some time. I have several of you listed on the BCC: list, and haven’t gotten you set up in Google Groups. Watch for email form me over the holidays regarding the proper registration. If anyone is having mailing list difficulties, reach out and let me know.



·         Tuesday — BRC Weekly 5K (Maybe?)

Start at Rolf’s at 645 pm. Food, drink, and good company to follow. REFLECTIVE SAFETY GEAR is REQUIRED




I think we should all be grateful for the good people at NORAD for keeping an eye on St. Nick. “We have the watch.”




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