BRC Run – 05/11 – 0645 – Salem Street to Boxford – 9.1 miles [BORDER]

10. May 2019 News 0

Stuck in a Box

I did not prepare well for this week. Sitting in the office, then running around trying to keep up with Spring. Maybe you’re looking for something more creative? Well, at least for today you should keep looking. For tomorrow, run to the Boxford border via Salem Street. If you want to be creative over and above that, feel free. Keep an eye out for RWOBs. We've had some new people join the mailing list.


Advance Notice(s) are still in effect.

·       BRC Weekly 5K

Tuesday May 14th will mark the inaugural BRC Weekly Evening 5K which will start and end at Rolf’s. Go time is 6:45 PM. There will be food provided afterwards. The 5K course is certified by Pete.

·       The BRC Triathlon

The BRC Triathlon will be held on Saturday, July 13th. You have nine weeks to get ready.


OK. Maybe it’s time to get serious about planning some routes for people to run. The writing will be easier if I know where we’re going.





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