BRC Run – 4/6 – QUARANTINE – 10.3 Miles

05. April 2019 News 1


I’m sick as a dog. I couldn’t get out of bed Monday. Shakes, shivers, coughing, all of it running around my head, making me miserable. Can’t breathe, can’t run. What to do?  Boston is right around the corner. Some of you are running THE race. Some of you will be spectators, either online or on the streets. In deference to all of you, I have taken my germ-laden shell out of state in order to quarantine myself. Strictly for your benefit. The fact that I’m actually recovering today and that there is a ski lift a few hundred yards away from my door had no bearing on my decision. What? The glades are still open? Niiiice.


So, where are you running?

In a 5-minute online search, I’ve seen training plans that have runners completing 8, 10, 12 (or more) miles the last week before a marathon. This route gives you the option on either 10 or 8, and if you want more, you Ultra people can just add-on. For 10-ish, go run the Stiles Pond route: You can run a few miles less by taking Winter Street to the LEFT instead of toward Stiles Pond.

Volunteers Needed for the Troops

The Run for The Troops still needs volunteers. This year’s race is on April 28th. In past years, we had many BRC members help with the race, and they need our help once again. It is fun. It is for a good cause. You should help. Interested volunteers please contact Dave Tyler <> directly.


Fund-Raising info to come

Many of our friends who are running Boston are Qualifiers. They don’t need to raise money. Some may need your help in order to fulfill their commitments to get a bib. Some may have already met their numbers, but still have worthy charitites. In any case, I like to share their fundraising pitches/causes for your perusal, and hopefully generous contributions. As I’m collecting the last few bits of info, I will send a dedicated email concerning their causes. Please and Thank You.


Good Luck. We’re all counting on you. Yes, I know I didn’t change it.




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    Steve LeCours on April 5, 2019 Reply

    4/6/19 BRC runners- I’ve dropped water at mile six- look for the Camp Wakanda sign on the right side of the road and directly opposite the sign is s cardboard box marked “BRC” oh as well as Sunkist as it was a recycled box from Market Basket- cheers! Steve L. BRC Member in training 🙂

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