BRC Run – 03/02 – 0645 – Snow Day – 8.6 miles

01. March 2019 News 0

Problem: Not a Meteorologist: OK. I am going out on a limb here. It looks like it MAY be pretty crappy weather on Saturday. I’d rather not suggest that you run somewhere too hazardous. I had planned on recommending North Reading, but I’d feel a little bad if someone were run over by a non-beer truck, or slipped in ice and snow and banged their noggin on the pavement (again). Maybe next week.

Solution: Foster/Winter/Great Pond.

Shorter miles. Easier intersections, and you get back inside sooner.

BRC Express and Return to Running

Short and sweet. Some hills. BRC 5K:


Someone’s either having one heck of a vacation this week, or getting ready to knock off another awesome destination marathon by picking up Tokyo. Go Val. Have a great run. Keep posting pictures.


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