BRC Run – 12/29 – 0645 – Foster, Winter, Great Pond – 8.6 miles

28. December 2018 News 0



We’ve reached the end of the calendar. Is it a time to look back at all the miles (and beers) or a time to look forward to marathon training and snow? How about a bit of both? Take stock of your accomplishments and revel in that extra IPA or whisky sour. Get your resolutions (and training plans) ready for next week. Have a ball Monday night if you’re going out. Be safe. Be good. Have fun.

Simple Plan

This week, we’ll step back a bit and take an easier run. This is a nice scenic route, once you’re done with Salem St. A few hills at the end. Take your time.

Not interested in that many miles? Run short and slow past Smolak Farms. Note the counter-clockwise route. This loop is approx. 5.75 miles.


Stop looking at me.





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