BRC Run – 12/22 – 0645 – Winter – 13.5 miles

21. December 2018 News 0

Winter is here.

You know how when you wait for something a little longer than usual, the anticipation can be leading up to something absolutely epic? Well, this is not one of those times. I am on vacation. So you waited. And here it is.

Winter is also here. That magical time when the days are actually getting longer (and all early morning runners rejoice) but the cold and ice are still on their way (and we cringe in expectation.) So dress warm, stand up and be strong, and go run. Except Eddie. Eddie can still wear shorts.

The Run

For the penultimate run of 2018, I think we should make an effort to get another border. It has been a few months since we hit this one, and I know at least one RWOB is in need of it, maybe being his last border? Let’s go to North Reading. Bonus points for Middleton. Thank you Chris and Carol Marshall for the water stop. Remember to escort the RWOBs in your company. Sometimes you get to go THEIR pace. No man left behind.


I like sleeping in. Sleeping in is my favorite.





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