BRC Run – 11/03 – 0645 – Hills in Andover – 6.8 miles

02. November 2018 News 0

Running in the rain

Meat and Potatoes

While not a long run, this is a challenging course due to the hills. Keep the ascent back home in mind before you use all your energy going downhill. Touch the border for fun. Most of you already have collected it, but it’s not guaranteed that everyone has.


If you’d like a shorter route, if I show up, I plan to turn up Route 28 (where the Feaster Five runs up the hill) and I’ll be doing this portion of the run: at a nice slow pace. Slower than 10’s, I’m thinking. Especially on the hills.


World Champion Red Sox

I heard there was some sort of sporting contest at which Boston once again excelled. Go figyah. Wear your Red Sox gear proudly. Maybe take a scenic detour off the planned route and visit local baseball celebrities if you know where they are. Don’t be obnoxious. Yes, I’m talking to you. 😉

Found some Border Reports

A few people have recently sent me reports of their border conquests. I will find those reports again and make sure they go to the proper authorities. This time. MEMBERS, please make sure you notify Frank and Tom when you escort a RWOB to a border and back to the Common.

Again with Amazing people

Someone told me that Angela, Olga, and new-member-to-be-inducted KJ are all running the NYC Marathon this weekend. All of your hard work is about to pay off. I have only one thing to say. Good Luck. We’re all counting on you.




Do not harass local celebrities. They want you to leave them alone.







Countdown Calendar
New York City Marathon 11/4/2018 2
BRC Veterans Day run 11/10/2018 8
Philadelphia Marathon 11/17/2018 15
The Assault on Mt. Hood 12/8/2018 36
BRC Christmas Run  12/15/2018 43

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