BRC Run – 10/20 – West Boxford – 7.5 mi [BORDER]

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I’ve hit a wall, and have nothing to write about. Burned out and overwhelmed right now. Here’s some sample stock autumn-slash-running topics:  The trees are starting to look nice. Some friends of ours ran another Ultra. (Good job, guys) Some ladies won raffles at Whirlaway. Stuff happened. Good luck to anyone running the Knights on the Run, or the Baystate Marathon or Half.


So… No run?

Hardly. I think after the long-ish runs you’ve made over the last few weeks, it might be time for a shorter run. We haven’t gone to West Boxford for a few months. That’s always a nice run.


As usual, you can go shorter. You can shave several miles off if you take a right on South Bradford, and come back on Dale Street sooner.


Mailing List Stuff

Still working on getting people off the bcc: list and into the system. Thanks for cooperating.


Nope. Still no creativity. Maybe that’s all I’ve got to say in this space. Maybe I’ll add some new races into the calendar before next week.




Countdown Calendar

Knights on the Run 5K



Baystate Marathon and Half



The Assault on Mt. Hood



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