BRC Run – 6/23 – Summertime– 11.2 mi

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We are having a BRC INDUCTION! Six individuals have completed their border requirements and are ready for the hazing celebrating to begin. Come join us June 26th at Jade in North Andover as we prepare these initiates for the rites of passage into the halls of infamy. Remember to wear your BRC dress grey.


118 Gustavo Castro

119 Jim Doughty

120 Paul Cataldi

121 Mike Watson

122 Mick Grant

123 Nadine Johnson


Back to Basics

We’ve had some new additions to the mailing list recently. Now I know that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve had some new RWOBs come out, but I think we should rotate the borders in occasionally, just in case. I know the focus is on some American actress these days, but we’ll still go visit Pippa.

For a bit of a lighter experience, we’ll set the BRC Express as a loop around the 10K course:


The BRC Tri is almost here

The BRC Triathlon is coming July 14th. It will start at the Common with a 5 mile bike ride out to Boxford followed by a 500 yard swim in Stiles Pond and a 5 mile bike ride back to the Common, culminating with a 5K run along the July 4th race course. The BRC TRI gets all types, from first timers to competitive types who are prepping for their next race. 

Please let Paul O’Neil know if you’re interested in participating at all. Good starting positions are still available.


The living’s easy





Countdown Calendar

North Andover 4th of July Race



BRC Triathlon



Greenway 5K



Reach the Beach Relay



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