BRC Run – 4/14 – It’s Here – 5.8 Miles

13. April 2018 News 0

THE Weekend

BAA Boston Marathon. I think there’s not much else to say.

Maybe you were expecting a big, epic email about such a big, epic race. I think the accomplishments of all of our bad-asses who are running the race say more than I ever could. Fifteen of our own are running THE race. Hopefully that count hasn’t missed anyone. I know some had hoped to run, and were unable for some reason or other. They all deserve your support.

Back to Basics

So many marathoners, for so long, means many, many miles on Saturdays. It’s time to lighten that up a bit. Plus, a nice short route may help bring out members and RWOBs who may shy away from some of the longer runs.

The List

So, who is actually getting out to run the big race on Monday? The list I have is copied below so you may track them remotely and send prayers,  good thoughts, and positive energy their way. Please let me know if I missed anyone who is running. Even better, I’d like to invite all of our charity runners to send me your charity/donation information and I’ll compile a single list to send to the membership one more time. Lot of last-minute-Lucy’s out there.


Good Luck. We’re all counting on you.





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