BRC Run – 1/13 – A Break From the Cold – 4.2 (or 14.02) Miles

12. January 2018 News 0

Goodbye Extreme Cold

With a little reprieve in the cold, I thought it might be good to get back to work. We can all come out and enjoy the nice, um – wait. What do you mean rain? LOTS of rain. Followed by more cold for the next week? You’re kidding, right? Tomorrow might be your best chance of not finding ice or treadmills for several days. Let’s get some miles.


Just a Quick Shower

Not everyone needs or wants to run all day in the pouring rain. Hop in; lather up; rinse off. We used our default routes last week while I was escaping the winter for a few days. Where can we get a nice few wet miles? Here’s a nice basic 4.2 miles, with plenty of options to add-on a couple.


A Full Soak

Sometimes you just want to stay in the shower and let it wash over you while your cares melt down the drain. While the looming storm won’t provide that kind of relief, it IS that time of year to get moving, and several (many?) of you are in full beast mode getting ready for April. While I haven’t thought too much about what distances you may need, I know that a few of the advanced plans already have people doing 14+ mile runs. If you’re slavishly devoted to your training schedule, need a long run, and want to avoid the ice we’ll start to see later this weekend, this may be your chance. Out-and-back to the Boxford Community Store? Rich saved us a map:


Google Groups is real

So far we have 91 Members who have signed into the Borg collective, I mean, Google Groups. At some point this quarter, we will stop sending individual email, and rely on using the mailing list. Don’t get left out. If you are a member and have not accepted your invitation, do it as soon as possible. RWOBs will begin getting invitations soon.





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