BRC Run – 12/30 – Holly Effing Ridge – 5.4 Miles

29. December 2017 News 0

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What’s with the Cold?

Hey, we’re only 25-30 degrees below normal temperatures for this time of year. No big deal. Just make sure you dress for it. That’s some COLD out there. Cold enough that many of you will stay home, snug in your beds. But there are those…people. Those runners who won’t stop for a little cold. They’ll point out that the days are already getting longer, and be cheery and smug about how THEY got up and ran while you lounged in your bed. Well, I’m not one of those people. Run, sleep, ski, or even sunbathe if you want. Just do it in BRC style.


Holly Effing Ridge.

What better way to end the year than with a short run up and down some hills? Holly. F-ing. Ridge.


Reflections on the end of 2017

As the days count down, it’s natural at this time for us to reflect on the things we have accomplished this year, as well as the tasks which we were unable to complete. It’s time to remember the highs and the lows; the good and the bad. The frosted side and the wheat side. It’s time to take stock of our experience and use that knowledge to forge ahead into the New Year.


I wish for each of you that your accomplishments remind you of your strength, and lead you into 2018 with hope; and also that your failures serve as lessons and guides to keep you on the path to attain your goals in the New Year.







I am still assembling next year’s calendar events. (I don’t want to put wrong dates out)

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