BRC Induction Night – 7/25 – 7pm – Culpeppers

19. July 2017 News 0

It’s official, and as Tom said, it’s been a while.

It has been quite some time since we held a BRC Induction Night, so get out your dress whites. We’re throwing a bash.

You’ll get to hang out (or reunite) with your fellow runners wearing something other than sweaty workout gear, and sometimes even makeup (though I usually only put on a little blush.) Plus, we get to put our four new members on the spot as we welcome them officially to the club. They’ve run their borders with a member, and are eager to work at making their club contribution while they find out the deep secrets of this mysterious organization. Or just come drink beer and eat some pizza. Let’s all get together and welcome our new members:

114.       Chris Nobile

115.       Nick Triano

116.       Tara LoBianco

117.       Sue Parke


Next Tuesday Night’s Route

Remember that this time we’ll be back at Culpeppers starting around 7pm. That’s a well-known route that doesn’t need a map. Let’s make sure we have the kind of good showing that our new members have earned. If only four people show up, each one gets a 25% face full of whatever beer hall we visit. If there’s 100 of us, you only have to soak in one percent. Don’t be the guy that makes your friend get a face full of something. Make it about accepting new friends into the fold.



Race you to the beer,



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