Reach the Beach 2016: Tag Along with Don’t Wait For Us

15. September 2016 Uncategorized 0

September 14, 2007 was a beautiful fall Friday in New England. Clear skies, crisp in the morning, warm in the afternoon. People were still chuckling over Apple’s newly-released iPhone, writing it off as a certain bust because who’s going to pay that high a premium for a device that’s only on AT&T Wireless and doesn’t have an actual, physical keyboard to type on. Meghan Trainor was not yet all about that bass because she had just started 8th grade. And in northern New Hampshire, twelve plucky harriers joined forces to become Don’t Wait For Us and make its Reach The Beach debut.

This year, you’re invited to help celebrate the 10th running of DWFU. Starting from when the early van first leaves North Andover on Thursday and until it’s time to return the vans on Sunday morning, they’ll be posting photos and updates here on the website. Just bookmark this DWFU page and check in regularly to see what they’re up to and what other BRC (and other) teams they’ve run into. Hopefully the stretch of 302 with no cell service won’t knock everybody off line for too long and derail this whole initiative!


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