BRC Run – 03/06 – 0645 – West Boxford – 7.5 mi [BORDER]

05. March 2021 News 0

In Like a Lion…

I can’t believe it’s already March. Wind, snow, warm days, cold snaps. Even though the days are growing longer, remember that in short order, we’re going to lose an hour of glorious morning light. The roads are getting even more clear, as the snow and ice slowly subside. Good times.


The Dog Ate my Homework

I had a wonderful 3-page essay prepared for you this week, which was at the same time funny and engaging, yet poignant and deeply meaningful. It would have changed your life. Alas, (as I heard in a parent-teacher discussion this week) it is lost in the cloud. OK, so none of that is true. But I love that as technology develops, the same excuses get a modern twist. I don’t have much to write this week, as I have procrastinated too long, and have to go to an early meeting before 2nd shift starts at the lab tonight. So, you get a route. No jokes; no stories; and certainly, no heartwarming mush. Go run. Be essential. You’re the BRC.


West Boxford(7.5mi)

Even shorter (5.7mi)



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Don’t sweat the small print






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