BRC Run – 03/13 – 0645 – Larry/Meth/Sally – 12.9 mi [BORDERs]

12. March 2021 News 0

Worst. Weekend. Evar.

Just when we are starting to get some real daytime, an antiquated, unscientific ritual that causes insane distress comes and snatches it away.  

You know what I'm talking about. The dreaded Spring Forward. Here are some Pros and Cons so you can decide for yourself, but we all know 

it's a tool of the devil.  I’m going to look at it on the bright side. My night-shift work may be coming to an end soon, so I could actually start 

seeing this “6:45 AM” I have heard so much about. If I do, I might as well do it in (relative) darkness.



Bring your old sneakers to the Common on Saturday, March 13.  Paul Lovett is conducting a sneaker drive in honor of his mom's birthday to 

benefit Soles4Souls which creates opportunities for women in developing countries to create sustainable businesses. Or drop your sneakers in 

the box in the Lovett's driveway at 171 Abbott Street, North Andover.



We already hit this one this quarter, but I’m feeling generous (or mischievous). Or someone asked for it and I was being lazy coming up with ideas. 

Regardless, you can go to Salem. Bring some folding money™ for refreshments (water, etc) at the NH border.


Larry Meth Sally:  (12.9) 



·         17 Mar 2021: BRC Weeknight 5K



Great. Now I have to adjust my body’s clock all over again to come back to the land of the living. 

Speaking of people coming back, I don’t believe the “nonessentials” should be required to get some 

vaccine before they rejoin us in the world. What they need is a G-d DRIVING test. And that’s coming 

from ME, mister “I’ll stick to 4 or 5 over the limit at most.” It’s like the entitled class are coming out of 

their basements, and can’t see around the 4 masks, virus-fan, and whole-body face shield they are wearing.


Or I’m just grumpy after working until 0230 again. Not sure yet. Moar coffee please.




It’s a joke, son. You missed it.






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