BRC Run – 12/10 – 6:45AM – Surprise Run – 7.5 Miles

09. December 2016 News 0

What’s The Surprise

Good question, I wish I knew. At 3.5 miles into this run, we cruise past Molly Towne Road. Assuming Bill is at the front of the pack, which is a safe assumption, he may take us on an adventure. Or we might just keep running the wacky route displayed in the map. I have no idea how long Bill’s route might be but I know the mapped route is about 7.5 miles provided you hit all the turns correctly. We all may just end up running all over town. Not a bad way to spend Saturday morning.


Route Without A Surprise

If you feel like you might ask me out on the road where this route goes next, be prepared to be disappointed by my answer. Too many turns for someone who doesn’t live in town. This is Bill’s neighborhood though so he might be a more reliable source of information.


Sweaters, Hills, and Beer

We’re down to the last two non-BRC Races on the Countdown Calendar which means this is likely the last week you will see the thinning list. It has been brought to my attention that both the Assault and the Ugly run involve drinking beer. So you really can’t go wrong with either option.


Ooh, It’s Almost Here!

I’m trying to keep this missive short so we can get onto next week as soon as possible. Get your affairs in order and by affairs I mean 1) Christmas running gear, 2) a hall pass that lasts all morning next week, and 3) tell everyone you know to join us for the 11th Annual BRC Christmas Run. It’s the best-attended run on our calendar so you best attend.


Countdown Calendar

Assault on Mount Hood



Ugly Sweater Run



BRC Christmas Run



New Year’s Thor de Force




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