BRC Run – 1/1 – 0645 – Seasonal Tips – 10.3 mi

31. December 2021 News 0

Tips to Make Your Season Successful 

Although it has been warm and rainy, it is that time of year again. Too many people will see it as a fun activity and go out unprepared, and with a lack of knowledge and skill, can be in great peril. We need to discuss your desert ice fishing safety.


Rule 1: Desert ice can be very fragile. The quick thaw can sometimes make your desert ice look sturdier than it is. A quick rule of thumb is to use your livestock as a guide. If you still have all your camels, you can most likely drive your Land Cruiser out to the burning, desert ice fishing hole to serve as a support vehicle. If there are fewer sheep on the desert ice than there used to be but still most of the flock, you should be OK hiking out on the desert ice with all your gear and desert ice/sandstorm shelter in tow. If your dog is missing and there’s a big hole, you will likely not survive the trip.

Rule 2: Make sure you have the proper equipment. Most desert ice fishing gear is hard to find. Make sure you ask for it loudly and specifically at the Cabela’s counter with the most staff and customers in earshot, so they can help you with the information you need. Generally, desert ice fishing gear looks like regular ice fishing gear but is always a bit sandier.  Dress in layers. Merino wool breathes to keep you cool in the searing heat you will encounter while trying to fish the desert ice. Layers will prevent the scorching rays of the sun from peeling what is left of your flesh off your withered bones when the search parties finally find your mummified skeleton, rod in hand, sitting at the fire hole. Plus, with layers you can peel them off in agony when the madness sets in.

Rule 3: Footwear and heat transfer. I don’t want to get into the whole discussion about dark vs light colors of the boots you wear in the sun. You can find more information about the relative advantages and disadvantages here. However, when it comes to footwear, thicker soles will help prevent heat transfer from the hot desert ice to your feet, keeping you not just more comfortable, but safer, and with less risk of dehydration (see Rule 4, Alcohol.)

Rule 4: Alcohol.  Alcohol is generally considered to be a fun way to pass the time while waiting for fish to snag the bait you are dangling into a burning hole in the desert ice. Alcohol is also forbidden, infidel. Those who disregard the restrictions against its use may find they are more dehydrated than the usual desert ice fishermen, and more susceptible to its danger. They are also in danger from the cultural police.


Rule 5: The Unchanging Rule. Regardless of your success rate at pulling fish out of the desert ice, The Borderline Running Club always runs from the Common at 0645 every Saturday morning. Those who do not adhere to the customs, may also find themselves in danger from the cultural police.


The Route  

It is a New Year. I think it is time to hit all the borders again. We’re going to start with a trip near Stiles Pond, which will get you to Boxford and back. I do not expect you to go fishing. Skinny dipping is optional but discouraged. I mean come on, have you SEEN us?

Stiles Pond Route:     10.3 



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·         28 May 2022 – xxxx








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