BRC Run – 05/08 – 0645 – West Boxford – 7.5 mi [BORDER]

07. May 2021 News 0

Begin Annual Rant

It is beginning to be that time of year.  The plants have banded together in concert against me. Yellow rain will soon come, making breathing difficult for some, causing watery eyes and congestion, and forcing some people to give up entirely until better weather comes. Here are some useless tips for running with seasonal allergies. Hopefully, you have the experience to cope with the worst of it. Remember that a bad day running is still better than a day sitting at a desk, or something like that.


Stop Bitching

My favorite run, regardless of the weather is to West Boxford Provisions. It’s hilly. It’s mid-distance. There’s a border. Take some folding money for a drink at the store. A shortcut route is available that goes by Smolak Farm.

West Boxford(7.5mi):

Even shorter (5.7mi):


Is that it?

No. That’s not it.  I also heard about some sort of get-together after the run. Sounds like fun, though I think the “Van 1 experience” might be better left to a homecoming so I have time to recover. Runners should be back from West Boxford by 8:15 to 8:30, so be sure to make it sometime around then. You can even just roll out of bed and stroll over for some coffee if that’s how you roll your Saturdays.



·         12 May 2021: BRC Weeknight 5K

·         17 Jul 2021:     BRC Triathlon



I never had these stupid allergies until I had that weird cold or sinus infection back in 2015. I’m sure it was a man-altered bioweapon intentionally released from Guangdong or WooHoo, or somesuch place to interact with the increasing use of 5G technologies and take over this entire hollow sphere when the lizard-men armies come to the surface. Hey, how much ventilation am I supposed to have for this furniture stain?







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