BRC Run – 05/01 – 0645 – Running’s for the birds – 6.5+ mi [BORDER]

30. April 2021 News 1

Nice work!

Great work by everyone escorting our newest members to North Reading and back. Congratulations to Jake, Sarah, Bill, and Brandon. As business roars back to life, and people realize they shouldn’t be afraid, we will have a glorious induction to welcome all of our new members properly.


Enter the Sanctuary

I’ve been told the bird sanctuary is open. Maybe you could run there, then run inside, then run back. It might be a 1.5 mile loop inside? Run laps if you want more distance. Watch out for aggressive birds. They’ll getcha. Jake said he would make sure everyone gets out alive. (That doesn’t count as your club contribution, Jake…)

For the Birds (6.5)



·         5 May 2021:    BRC Weeknight 5K

·         17 Jul 2021:     BRC Triathlon


That’s no chicken!






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