BRC Run – 02/06 – 0645 – Train Robbers – 10.3 mi [BORDER]

05. February 2021 News 0

Look! A Challenge!

So I guess tomorrow is the anniversary of the first attempted train robbery by the notorious Dalton Gang. I’m not a fan of criminals. The Rule of Law is important to a Constitutional Republic. When that fails, the Republic is soon to fall as well. Thus, we should do our part to help the local sheriff. Maybe if we form our own posse, and run down by the tracks, we can head ‘em off and collect some sweet, sweet reward money. I don’t know who is offering this reward (not me) but if we were actually able to capture the Dalton Gang, I bet we would be smart enough to figure out who was offering the prize. If not, then you’ll at least get in a good workout. Either way, I think the best way to combine both options is to run Ballardvale. Extra points for outrunning the iron horse, or doing the run in chaps and a cowboy hat. Pictures will be required.


                Ballardvale: (10.2)




·         10 Feb 2021:   BRC Weeknight 5K 


Disclaimer: I’m not sure what extra “points” would get you other than bragging rights. Also, I’m pretty sure the Daltons are dead. Now, even though the “reward” offered says “dead or alive,” I am not actually offering a reward for century-old corpses.






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