BRC Run – 06/06 – 0645 – Foster/Winter/Great Pond – 8.6 miles

05. June 2020 News 0


It is starting to get hot.

I think I am this close to just getting the ‘Rona haircut, and shaving it off with my clippers. I have a hard time with the heat. I fully understand that it is not even really HOT yet, but I need the cooling effect (or illusion) of having shorter hair when it happens. My thin little sunroof-swirl on the top won’t be enough to help cool me off when it starts to get warmer. Maybe you like the heat, maybe you don’t. We’ll spend a good amount of time in the shade on this week’s route. If you need Boxford, let someone know, and you can add a little detour.




Weeknight 5K

Rolf’s is closed as far as I know. The weekly 5K has moved. Ask around. BYOB.


BRC Triathlon

Race Director Aaron Preston (BRC102 atpreston-at-gmail-dot-com) sent out a notice about this year’s BRC Triathlon, planned for July 18th. There are only 20 spots available, to keep it manageable for him. He is also looking for volunteers. Respond to him before July 1st. He will hold the event if and only if he gets 20 people to sign up. (That is also the maximum number he is allowing.)



Note that some items on this list have been modified.

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