BRC Run – 05/30 – 0645 – Pippa – 11.2 miles [BORDER]

29. May 2020 News 0

Nothing out of the ordinary.

It’s a little far to run to San Diego just to find Normal. Wouldn’t it be great if everything were “normal?” Well, I can offer something akin to that if you use your imagination a little. Besides, what is normal about a group of people who run long distances “just because?” We are who we are. Do you have time for a quick jaunt to Middleton? This is a great route, as it is infinitely customizable. Just turn around when you’re halfway done. It will be a choose-your-own-distance kind of day.




Cancelations aplenty

I’m sure you’ve all heard that along with most other race events, the BAA has canceled the Boston Marathon for the first time in history. I know. I have already heard the complaint that they ran it through the Spanish Flu, Asian flu, and the Hong Kong flu, so what’s the big deal? That makes you wonder for a second if they’re doing the right thing until you read the numbers and realize that in 1917 there were a very manageable 70 runners. In 1918, due to US involvement in the war, they had military relay teams only, and in 1919, there were just 48 runners. Then maybe the Asian flu in 1957? They ran only 180 runners. What about the Hong Kong flu? Well even in 1968 and 1969, there were still only just over a thousand runners. Still pretty manageable. Today? Recent times see well over 30,000 runners, plus many more spectators. They decided the risk wasn’t worth it. But they’re up and planning for the future. Time to carry on. We’ll find normal soon.




Note that some items on this list have been modified.

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