BRC Run – 9/14 – Reach your OWN Beach – 10.3 mi

13. September 2019 News 0

Flash Back to 2018.

Just like last year…


So, where is everybody? Well, I can’t speak for everyone but a whole mess of us are going up to Bretton Woods to run down to Hampton Beach. Silly, right? Just like last year, I don’t know all of the teams involved, but we’ve got some teams who take it as a performance challenge, teams that want to show their ultimate abilities, and those of us who pillage and burn, laying waste to the New Hampshire countryside (in our minds) while hoping to not offend the local villagers too much. Eh, we’ll have fun.

I am certain that back home at the Command Center, we’ll have updates on the socials. Cheer at home for your favorite teams.

Just like Last Year, You Don’t Have to Miss Out

Here’s where the “nostalgia edition” comes into play. You can STILL go reach the beach. It will just be a different beach. Run out to Stiles Pond and back. Take your time. Go for a swim. Have fun. See you next week.


We now return to your regularly scheduled programming. 





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