BRC Run – 06/08 – 0645 – Salem – 12.9 miles [BORDERS]

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How to bounce back from National Doughnut Day       

Wow, we have had quite a week. We had National Running Day, then the 75th anniversary of the launch of Operation Overlord, and now a real “holey”day — National Doughnut Day. (Who among you already knew it was an old holiday and not just something that Krispy Kreme or Dunks made up for marketing?) So the question is: how do we bounce back? By running all the way to another state and back, that’s how! For you RWOBs, be aware that completing this particular route with a member will earn you the borders of Lawrence, Methuen, and Salem, NH.

I’ve noticed that over the last several months, that we’ve had many new additions to the mailing list. Some of those people have actually been able to attend Saturday morning runs, some have gone to the Tuesday night fun run at Rolf’s, and some… well, some may be trying to increase their endurance on their own to be able to run some of these long routes. To that end, we are bringing back the BRC ExpressTM routes. We all have times during which we may be unable to spend hours running with our friends, and must attend to family obligations, or simply beat traffic to the beaches. These shorter routes will give you the opportunity to run with friends and accomplish real-life tasks. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. For this week, we will offer a shortened Salem route that Mat charted for us, which is only 5.4 miles. It won’t get you borders beyond Lawrence, but it will get you running:


Calendar is still in the Works

Great input from several of you for calendar events. I am compiling them and will publish more in the coming weeks. Here’s some of what I know is coming up soon:


·     June 9th — Berry Pond Scramble

·      Tuesday — BRC Weekly 5K

This past week’s run was a big one. Keep it going by coming back for another week. Start at Rolf’s at 645 pm. Food, drink, and good company to follow.

·       June 15th – Mt. Washington Road Race

·       July 13th — The BRC Triathlon

The BRC Triathlon is scheduled for Saturday, July 13th. You have five more weeks to get ready. Number 102, Aaron Preston, has announced a call for athletes and volunteers. Reach out to him if you are interested.


Mmmmmmmmm Donuts.





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