BRC Run – 02/09 – 0645 – Sweetheart Run – 9 miles

08. February 2019 News 0

Valentine’s Day is Near

What better way is there to get your heart racing than to be with your significant other? Well, start spending that time with your side chick. And by side chick, I mean your club. Long runs at sunrise, the sweet aroma of leftover Gu, that mild (or worse) perspiration and heavy breathing. It’s a good thing we’re talking about running. This week we’re running to that little heart-shaped turn-around. Get your glow on.


BRC Express and Return to Running

I can’t speak to why all of you don’t come every Saturday, but I know one reason might be that you’ve fallen into the same trap I have, and let Silly Eating Season ™ and Mr. Apathy get the best of you. The only way I consider myself “in shape” is that round is a shape. I miss the days when I was able to go lay down 10 miles on any given day in any kind of weather. Now I am going to do something about it. Slow and steady, gradual increases and smart rest in-between. This week will be a slow run around the Official BRC Fourth of July 5K route. I plan to go slow. If you need a reboot, want to find a way to get back into it for RTB this year, or just have a bad hangover and don’t want to work too hard, join me and we’ll start to rebuild our way back to those glorious long slow runs. Did I mention the word “slow?”


 On the road again. Just can’t wait to be on the road again….




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