BRC Run – 7/21 – I’m on Vacation

20. July 2018 News 0

Re: Your Run

Thank you for your recent inquiry, however I am away from the office and will not return until I get a better attitude. Work performance has been down, and apathy high. In my absence, please use standard means to achieve your miles, as well as ensuring that you enjoy more beers than miles.

I look forward to hearing from you on my return.

Really? Just Phoning it in Again?

OK, I really am on vacation this week, and I haven’t been good about running, adding new people to the mailing list, or planning any kind of interesting run. In the meantime, let’s go to Haverhill?

Time for the vacation photo slideshows to start appearing




Countdown Calendar
Greenway 5K 8/12/2018                23
Reach the Beach Relay 9/14/2018                56
Clarence DeMar Marathon 9/30/2018                72
Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon 9/30/2018                72
Chicago Marathon 10/7/2018                79

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