BRC Run – Haverhill Redux – 11.4 mi [BORDER]

18. May 2018 News 0



Last Borders?

Didn’t we just do this? Yes. Yes, we did. However, I’m still working to get folks their last borders.  This week we’ll pick up a new member if we can have someone escort him to Haverhill (and Boxford) and back to the Common


Remember that this is the weekend for Notch Brewing’s Mobile Biergarten. It’s happening May 17 – 20 at the Stevens Coolidge Estate. Tonight, May 19th, there will be a 5K trail run “Meters for Liters” that Notch will host. Show up a little before 6pm. Running and beer. This seems like our kind of event, and we don’t really have to go anywhere. Make sure you make it to the Common in the morning.

Shameless self-promotion and Fundraising appeal

I won’t be running to Haverhill with you tomorrow, as I have an event on Sunday. I am running the Harpoon 5-Miler to Support the Angel Fund for ALS Research. If you’re feeling extra generous, or need an additional tax deduction, consider a small donation. Plus, if you act now, I pledge to match your donation, up to the first $250.







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