BRC Run – 2/24 – School Vacation – 7.5 Miles

23. February 2018 News 0

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What do you think of when you hear “School Vacation?”

For some reason, I have Rock and Roll High School pop into my head. But maybe that’s just me. Or maybe, now you’ll have songs by the Ramones stuck in your head all day. Let’s hope so. Maybe someone can gin up some sporty Spotify playlist to get you motivated. Or just type “Ramones” in the little search box and let her fly.


The Route

Following a theme here, I thought we’d do something with the schools. Last year (also a week with unusually warm weather) we ran the high schools of both North and South Andover. This year, I am changing it up a little. Let’s hit most (but not all) of North Andover’s schools.


Bonus points if you finish then turn around and get the missing elementary schools.


Google Groups Update

OK, this time I mean it. Repeat invitations will go out this week. I had thought I was going to be able to work on it last week while away on business. I was wrong.


If you think you have not received an invitation to join Google Groups, now is the time to tell me. I have received a couple emails about this. I will respond to you individually. If you haven’t reached out, you can send me email at, and we’ll get it sorted out. Mailing list members who have not joined the Google group will soon stop receiving the weekly notices.


Note that we have seen occasional technical issues. Please let me know if you believe you are on the mailing list, yet you do not receive the weekly email. How would you know to tell me, unless you actually received it? – This brief missive is fortunately copied to our website, which you may or may not be perusing.


OK, so how many of you went online to see what Riff Randell looks like now?






Countdown Calendar

Eastern States 20 Mile



BAA Boston Marathon




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