BRC Run – 3/3 – Is it Spring Yet? – 8.5 Miles

02. March 2018 News 1

It hasn’t been a bad winter

I know that this year hasn’t been too tough, with the exception of a couple of strong storms and power outages. But it seems to me that I’m ready for some springtime weather. Although it is still a few weeks away, the good stuff is coming.


All Business

We’re going to West Boxford this week, over nice rolling hills. Nice scenic route.


For those who need a longer run, but for some reason can’t run with the group and add more miles before and/or after, I offer this slightly longer 14.7 mile tour, which encompasses the Club run, but adds some uncharted territory. Be careful.




Google Groups Update

Thank you to everyone who has joined our Google Group mailing list. Final mass (repeat) invitations will go out this week for those who have put it aside “to do later.” After that, you know where and when we meet. Every Saturday morning at 6:45 at the North Andover Town Common.


If you think you have not received an invitation to join Google Groups, now is the time to tell me. I have received a couple emails about this. I have been responding to you individually. If you haven’t reached out, you can send me email at, and we’ll get it sorted out. Mailing list members who have not joined the Google group will soon stop receiving the weekly notices.


Note that we have seen occasional technical issues. Please let me know if you believe you are on the mailing list, yet you do not receive the weekly email. How would you know to tell me, unless you actually received it? – This brief missive is fortunately copied to our website, which you may or may not be perusing.






Countdown Calendar
Eastern States 20 Mile 3/25/2018 23
BAA Boston Marathon 4/16/2018 45

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