BRC Run – 1/27 – A Run, and a Note about Google Groups – 11.2 Miles

26. January 2018 News 0

Switching Over to Google Groups

OK, so you’ve read my notes (maybe) about us switching over to using Google Groups to manage our mailing list. This week we are beginning to add our RWOBs. Several weeks ago, Frank D sent out a mail about the groups and signing up. I thought it would be good to repost some of it here, mostly because I didn’t want to write much today. Here’s Frank:

  • Now that you're in the group (assuming you’ve accepted the invitation), help spread the word among your BRC compadres (in particular the ones who don't check email that often) that we're up and running and that they've got an invite waiting for them. Invites may have gone into a bulk mail folder so look in more than just your main Inbox for the invite.
  • You don't have to have a Gmail account or otherwise be entrenched in the Google ecosystem to be a member of the group. Essentially, when stuff happens in the group, you'll get an email wherever you are, and you can control how much email you get and when you get it.
  • Google Groups offer us a lot of potential beyond just managing an email distribution list, the extent of said potential we're still exploring. But if all you want is to just keep receiving the weekly email from Erik, you can do that too without having to commit to some higher level of involvement. You just need to complete the one-time step of joining the group and your user experience will be identical to the way it used to be.
  • RWOBs will also be a part of this group, but we will use roles and permissions to create a members-only section of the group. That way you can reach out to the extended BRC community if you'd like (something only Erik can do currently), or you can just keep it among the members.
  • This is not meant to replace Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, or the web site. This is meant to replace the email distribution list.
  • At some point in the near future we will officially retire the email dist list, so the sooner everybody gets signed up for the Google Group, the better.
  • And if somebody had really wanted to opt out of the emails but didn't want to make a stink over it or draw attention to it, this is a great opportunity to do so. If you want to fully tap out of BRC, just ignore the Google Groups invite. If you just don't want the emails anymore, you can join the group but shut off all the notifications, so the only time you'll get to see what's up is when you come to the group and poke around.



That’s Great, but Where Are We Running?

This week we’re getting back to basics. We’ll go hit Pippa: I will make sure there’s water at the border. In the event that you’d like to run something shorter, simply make a turn-around somewhere on the course that meets your needs.





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