BRC Run – 1/20 – A Pleasant Day for a Border Run – 11.4 Miles

19. January 2018 News 0

It’s About Time!

Finally it looks like we’ve got a nice day ready for us, and good weather means miles to take care of. I’m also aware that it’s been some time since we attacked borders in an orderly (or disorderly) fashion. Since I’ve finished my recent race, I am going skiing. But you guys can run. I’m in “recovery.” Here’s an oldie but a goodie. Let’s do Haverhill the Hard Way.  If someone needs borders, you could conquer Boxford while you’re at it. Make sure to take note of any RWOBs, and their border acquisitions.


More or Less

In the interests of keeping more people coming out, I will try to work in a shorter route any time the main run seems “long.” This week, we can simply use the BRC Executive 4-Mile course:


For those of you gearing up for some little April race, I will start to throw out distances appropriate to a build up for a marathon. The problem is that there are several different approaches (though all have increasing distances as time goes on) If you let me know who’s plans you’re following, or what your coaches suggest, I can try to find compromises between the various plans, so that you would only need to modify my suggestions by a mile or two. Could be fun. Who knows until we try?


Google Groups is Real (-ly coming soon)

So far we have 97 Members who have signed into Google Groups. If you’re one of the twenty late comers who have not accepted or communicated to me any technical difficulties, you may not have received notice about the new Borderline Running Club Spotify playlists. It and other evolving features of our new online presence will be communicated through Google Groups. If that’s still not enough incentive to join the List, you will always know the when and the where. Simply show up at The Common at 6:45 on Saturdays for a run.


I will begin sending out Google Groups invitations to the RWOBs in the middle of next week. (That’s Runners Without Borders for those RWOBs who don’t know.)





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