BRC Run – 7/29 – 0645 – My First Border

28. July 2017 News 0

What a great turnout!

It was such a great night out with friends old and new. I was fully surprised that some of you showed up, knowing your preferences. What an outstanding way to support our new members. We’re wedded to each other in ways that non-runners couldn’t begin to understand.


Also, I have neglected to ask, but Who’s Running Yankee Homecoming? Talk it up. People like to carpool. Plus, it looks like the best weather in the past several years for that race.


Let’s keep it going

I’m thrilled you guys are showing up where I’ve suggested. Let’s keep it going. I know summer is a hard time to work through our engagement with life events, vacations, and work and still put in the effort to come to the club, but you guys are strong. I know you’ll stick together in the long run.  I was half afraid you’d all bolt when I started writing. Way to prove me wrong.


Go with what you know

After the warm welcome we were able to offer our newest members, I was contemplating the process we have of achieving our membership (dare I call it borderhood?) in this fine organization, and it occurred to me that, much in the same way that some people choose to renew their wedding vows, I wanted to be able to show my commitment to this group by renewing my borders. Moreover, I think I should do it every year. Join me if you wish. I could think of no better way to approach this while sending the group to my first border as your humble scribe, than to revisit MY very first border as I worked my way toward membership. So this Saturday we will make our ceremony the trek to Middleton along the “Pippa” route. For better or worse.





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