An Update on Red The BRC Hawk (and it’s a good update too!)

09. June 2016 Blog, News 0
Red the Red-Tailed Hawk
Red the BRC Red-Tailed Hawk

BRC Member Brian (aka Heinz 57) managed to get us an update on the red-tailed hawk we found on the side of the road on Memorial Day Saturday:

“Great update on Red, the red tailed hawk that your running friends rescued. (Doesn’t usually turn out this well, so I am excited.). Red was brought by Enviro Police to Dave, a wildlife rehabilitator in Byfield. Dave believes that Red had a dislocated wing. After visiting Red in his enclosure today, Dave believes the wing has healed to the point where Red can be released back into the wild. Yay!”

Here’s hoping Red expresses his gratitude by watching over us instead of dive-bombing us on our Saturday morning runs. And thanks again to Don C and Rich C, the Mass Environmental Police, and Dave the wildlife rehabilitator in Byfield for helping Red!

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