BRC Run – 5/21 – North Reading – 13.5 mi [BORDER]

20. May 2022 News 0

Weather Woes

The weather forecasters seems to think you guys will be unseasonably hot this weekend. I think it will be starting to get warm for me too. Luckily for you, North Andover has relatively clean air, and you don’t have to risk breathing too much sand.


On Saturday, the temperature is predicted to rise into the 90’s by midday. Sunday during the Harpoon 5-miler it will be even hotter.  Luckily, North Andover shouldn’t break 70 degrees until after 9am tomorrow morning. That’s plenty of time to get to North Reading and back.

         North Reading (13.5):

Thank you for your help

You guys have exceeded by far my hopes for fundraising for the Angel Fund and my “race” this weekend at Harpoon (well, I’m still here in Qatar with NO beer from Harpoon.) I am humbled every time I see the giving nature of this family, and how much we can come together for each other. Saying “thank you” feels inadequate for the generosity you have shown. You are truly making a difference in the lives of others who you may never know.

This looks like FUN

I received a message through our web presence about a neat relay happening at the end of June. There is a charity fund-raising race in which you can choose one of several different charities. The event is an evening race mid-week, so it shouldn’t interfere with any weekend plans. The format is for a three-person team, each member of which will run two 1.4-mile legs of a cross-country style track. All of this followed by BBQ and beer. If only I knew a group that would fit in with that kind of event.

Check out the Gibbet Hill Cattle Run and BBQ

This event is sponsored by the restaurant group who is the new catering service for the Stevens Estate.


·         21 May 2022 – Keys 100 relay

·         22 May 2022 – The Harpoon 5-Miler

·         4 Jun 2022 – Chocura 25k

·         12Jun 2022 – Saint’s Alumni 5K

·         25 Jun 2022 – Forbidden Forest Ultra

·         29 Jun 2022 – Gibbet Hill Cattle Run and BBQ

·         17 July 2022 – BRC Triathlon

·         17 Jul2022 – Whaling City Triathlon

·         21 through 24 Jul 2022 – PT281+ Ultramarathon

·         2 Aug – Yankee Homecoming

·         16-17 Sep – Reach the Beach

·         17 Sep 2022 – Barkley Fall Classic

·         25 Sep 2022 – Berlin Marathon

·         2 Oct 2022 – London Marathon

·         8-9 Oct 2022 – Midstate Massive Ultra Trail Marathon


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