BRC Run – 3/26 – The Run to Breakfast – 20.3 mi

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The Run to Breakfast™

It looks as if we have a good crew slated to make it tomorrow for our annual jaunt to Beverly. Once again, I will be away and miss all the fun of herding the cats to their well-deserved reward. For those of you who don’t know this run, we at the BRC set aside a weekend, usually three weeks before the Boston Marathon to make a long run to the Anchor Pub in Beverly, where we refuel and maybe have a nice frosty beverage or six. How can a breakfast be better than having bacon and beer? Even if you’re not running, why not spend the morning with your club at breakfast?


Road Support and Start timing

Be safe. Run with a partner or two. Many thanks to Bill Guptill who is riding support and providing coordination help. He has plans to pick up some gear at the start. Do you have clothes to wear after the run? In-run hydration and fuel? Water? Sports drinks? Bacon? Bring what you need to fuel your dash. He intends to be at the Common by 6am. It appears several of you have coordinated with each other regarding rides to start locations and back from breakfast. One less thing to worry about. The objective is to get everyone there at roughly the same time – around 9:40AM – plus or minus a water stop. For those of you planning a partial run, please do the math.


Here’s a handy chart for runners to adjust their start time based on what pace they plan to run.


How do we get there?

This is the route drawn by Mat seven years ago. (There should be no guessing on how to get there) This is the one that does not include the rail trail, which Bill and I decided may not have the best conditions. Make sure to take the turn onto Bridge Street.


The Run to Breakfast (Bailout route):   20.3 mi


Fundraising for Boston Marathon

In years past, I have published a list of fundraising activities by our club members who are raising money as part of their Boston Marathon effort. Please consider helping these worthy causes. If you have not yet provided me your information, please do so as soon as you can to get you the best exposure possible.

·         Irene is Raising money for the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network

o    This year, I am runnning in memory of my Dad who passed away in 2018, after suffering a devastating stroke. I am running to honor those patients currently on their journey to recovery. I am running for those who can't.

·         Nicole Parker (BRC #65) is running for the Joseph Middlemiss Foundation, Team Big Heart

o    By way of your donation, I am working collaboratively to support our very own North Andover Middle School secretary, Lisa Hunter, who is currently battling the unthinkable.  She has fought cancer before and is currently severely battling again.  I will be running in her name.  

·         Tom Kinneman is running his 15th Boston Marathon for in honor of the Lowell General Hospital TeamWalk for Cancer Care.

o    As many of you know, I received care for throat cancer at the Lowell General Hospital Cancer Center last summer.  In recognition of the incredible team at the Cancer Center, I have decided to raise funds for the LGH TeamWalk for Cancer Care.  TeamWalk does not fund research but instead gives direct support to patients who do not have the resources and amazing support I was lucky to have during this challenging time.  Please consider joining me in donating to this highly effective organization.


Want Ads

Need to Make a Contribution?

Are you a BRC member who hasn't made the “required” club contribution yet?  Join numbers 141 through 149 to fulfill your obligation.  Seeking anyone who still needs to contribute to the club to join us in placing an order for some new team swag.  Contact Bill Guptill ( for details.




·         26 Mar 2022 – The Run to Breakfast™

·         27 Mar 2022 – Eastern States 20-miler

·         2 Apr 2022 – Runamuck 50k

·         10 April 2022 – Cheap Marathon

·         18 April 2022 – BAA Boston Marathon

·         24 April 2022 – Big Sur Marathon

o    Go Eddie!

·         1 May 2022 – Colleen Ritzer 5K

·         7 May 2022 – Manchester 2 Monadnock

·         21 May 2022 – Keys 100 relay

·         23 May 2022 – The Harpoon 5-Miler

·         4 Jun 2022 – Chocura 25k

·         17 jul 2022 – Whaling City Triathlon

o    Frank K is in, how about you?

·         21 through 24 Jul 2022 – PT281+ Ultramarathon

·         2 Aug – Yankee Homecoming

·         16-17 Sep – Reach the Beach

·         17 Sep 2022 – Barkley Fall Classic

o    If you like pain and snakes or climbing downed powerlines in thunderstorms, come play.

·         25 Sep 2022 – Berlin Marathon

·         2 Oct 2022 – London Marathon

o    Go Maura!

·         8-9 Oct 2022 – Midstate Massive Ultra Trail Marathon





Good Luck. We’re all cunting on you






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