BRC Run – 12/11 – 0645 – North Reading – 13.5 mi [BORDERs]

10. December 2021 News 0


It’s coming. Already the nighttime temperatures plummet to the low sixties, or even (gasp) the high fifties. A chill humid wind greets you in the morning as you make your way across the rock-scarred fields of centuries-baked dust and sand. The few scrub bushes that you can see are greening up in anticipation of the short cool season and the moisture it brings to their parched stems. It is clear. Winter is coming to Qatar.


“Oh, boo hoo,” you may think. It must be rough with the warmth of eighty-five-degree days in December. All that terrible sunshine and lack of snow or sleet. Well, OK, that’s pretty cool. My consolation for missing friends and family over the holidays may very well be a relaxed lounging by the pool at some luxury hotel in Doha. But make no mistake, being alone at the pool has its drawbacks. I woefully miss trudging through the slush and ice with my friends. I miss you all. But winter will eventually give way to spring.



Go run to North Reading and get Middleton if you need it. The Christmas run is coming, and I hear the rumblings of future inductions coming in the new year. Get your borders.


North Reading (13.5):



·         18 Dec 2021 – BRC Christmas Run


The Christmas Run is coming! I am so sad to miss this event. You should make every effort to attend the glorious revelry that can only be truly exercised by the BRC.






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