BRC Run – 1/2– 0645 – Haverhill the Hard Way – 11.4 miles [BORDERs]

01. January 2021 News 0
I guess it’s time to get back to work

Happy New Year. Nobody jinx this. The days are getting longer. Ski season is here.  A few more days off for the Christmas break. Make some good use of it. Drink that good bottle of wine. Play games with the kids, home from school. Stay in your pajamas all day one day, and relax. The only thing you need to do is run.

To that end, I hope everyone is rested and ready to roll. I’m only going to publish one course this week. Run out to Haverhill and back, the hard way. Take a side jog and reach Boxford if any RWOB needs it. If you would like to run shorter, you know the drill: turn back when you’re half done. Make sure to have fun.

        Haverhill the Hard Way:

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·         6 Jan 2021:      BRC Weeknight 5K?


Merry New Year!





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