BRC Run – 12/05– 0645 – Not Holly Ridge – 7.7 miles

04. December 2020 News 0

­­Winter is Coming

Please understand, I do not write this as a dire warning, but as a joyous celebration and welcome. Glorious Winter is coming closer every day. In fact, the Winter Solstice will arrive this year at 5:02am on Monday, December 21st. You may not like winter. You may have great dread of the days coming when we will be trudging slowly through the slush and snow on Saturdays. You may fear the wet, cold clothes clinging to your steaming skin as you desperately try to keep your fitness base. But I tell you this: The daylight hours will finally start to get longer in just 17 short days. Icicles hanging from corona-staches and frosty quaran-beards will start to lift your spirits. Great time in the crisp, clean winter air will remind you what it feels to be alive. Keep up the fight against Silly-Eating Season ™ and prepare for a festive wintertide. I think for this week, a few long hills ought to do the trick. Who’s in?


                Chestnut, Johnson, Coventry, Dale (7.7):



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·         9 Dec 2020:     BRC Weeknight 5K

·         19 Dec 2020:   BRC Christmas Run


Breathe the clean air and be free. Gyms are expensive.






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