BRC Run – 04/18 – 0645 – Patriots’ Day

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It’s Here!

Every runner’s favorite holiday has come. Apparently it, too, is essential. But the big race has been postponed. A possible snowstorm tonight may leave some slush. The ‘Rona is out there trying to kill me. What is a runner to do? Sulk about the house? Sit in the living room and cry? No! A runner will shovel that track off, and go make an effort.


Some ways to make a marathon effort:


1)      As I mentioned last week, Speedy Petey is making his marathon a little early. He will run Sunday at 0645 from the Common, along his proposed route which consists of several loops. He told me that if anyone is interested in joining in any combination of the loops, they are welcome to run “with” him at a distance.

2)      Johnny G is running his marathon on Monday, from his house on Boxford St. Unsure of the start time. If you’re interested in running nearby, but apart, or just supporting him along the route, reach out and see if he’s accepting.

3)      Nadine Johnson sent me a link to a YouTube video for Backyard Boston Marathon. This will let you do your own thing.

4)      For the rest of you who aren’t running a full-freaking-marathon, get in a nice no-watch-wearing slow run in the snow, followed up with some hard work on your home gym. This week’s challenge is to show the club the most creative home gym. Are you using soup cans for weights? Have you build a makeshift elliptical? Whatever you do, don’t hurt yourself and have to go to the hospital. But show us if it’s funny. And knowing the creativity of this group? It’ll be funny.



Now, you can run, or you can support runners, or you could do both. If you plan on leaving supplies/water/sports drink/food/whatever for runners, let them know. People may not want to touch things you’ve touched, depending on how much distancing they are practicing. Yard signs might be fun. Hugs and high-fives are probably not welcome this year.


Is your Running Store Closed?

Carol Marshall reached out to me to let me know that Olivia is working at Jack Rabbit in Lexington, and is fulfilling web orders and providing concierge service to North Andover runners who call her store in Lexington (781-862-0200). If you need gear, gu, shoes, injury prevention gear, what have you, she should be able to hook you up. Thanks, Carol!


Tri to Look Ahead to Better Times

That’s no typo… it’s a sprint! That’s right, the BRC Triathlon is being put on the books. Tentatively. Race Director Aaron Preston has set his sights on Saturday, July 18th, global shutdown permitting. After this snow melts, get your bike in shape. What else you gonna do?


The Dangers of Running in Groups

I know several of you have seen the same article I have that describes how the 6ft rule is not quite enough if you’re actively moving and being in proximity to others. For us, this is applicable to our running (and cycling) activities. Please use caution when interacting with others, and consider even more extreme distancing when active.



Here’s a decent resource for things to do, and not to do while running in the time of the Covid-19.



It would be nice if “the club” maintained our continuity. If some solo runner, not a group, runs from the Common at 6:45, it is still a BRC run. It would be nice if our Saturday club run didn’t go completely virtual. If someone is still planning to run from the Common at 0645, let me know so we have it covered.




Note that some items on this list have been modified.

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