BRC Run – 04/04 – 0645 – Monumental Disruption

03. April 2020 News 0

Recap and reconnect

Thanks for everyone who played last weekend and congratulations to our winners. Glad you could make it. Separately. We will have more contests in the future, so keep your heads up.


For all of the readership who have responded over the last several weeks, I thank you. Your words of encouragement are a wonderful bright note on an otherwise dreary day. I had no idea all three of you were reading.


So…what’s new? Anything exciting happening? Just kidding. You’re probably as bored/scared/numb as most people. Isolation and stress are not great companions. It’s a monumental disruption to your normal lives. A record number of days spent at home as witness to our dedication to get back on (a) track. A marker of things to come.


How do we go on?

How do we fight back? How do we go on? How can we combat the creeping malaise that infects our thoughts? We take the fight to the things we can affect. We become positive. We Run. Sleep in. Read books (not social media). Run. Maybe RUN.


But how can we make it more fun? We share pictures. But pictures of what? Selfies are boring. Running watch pictures are passé. For sure, nobody needs to see pictures of my legs. Well, this week’s plan is brought to you by the squirrels in the head our friend Speedy Pete.


We run to take pictures of local monuments. Find special statues, or memorial gardens. Show us interesting or significant gravestones or mausoleums. Shrines, monoliths, pillars. All are welcome. How many pictures can we share? Let’s decorate all of our socials with a stream of runners at our various town’s memorials. 


Boring! What else you got?

Well, I thought it was a good idea. If it’s not enough, or you’re looking for more of a challenge, Kristen Havey is running the Yeti Ultra 24 Hour Challenge on Saturday. I know she had asked for any well-separated company that was interested. Take a look. Maybe you go run a leg while staying 6ft away from each other. I thought about trying, but at my pace, I would end up keeping a MUCH farther distance.


That being said, it would be nice if “the club” maintained our continuity. If some solo runner, not a group, runs from the Common at 6:45, it is still a BRC run. It would be nice if our Saturday club run didn’t go completely virtual. If someone is still planning to run from the Common at 0645, let me know so we have it covered.


Here’s a decent resource for things to do, and not to do while running in the time of the SARS-CoV2 (aka Covid-19.)



Note that some items on this list have been modified.

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