BRC Run – 11/16 – 0645 – Haverhill the Hard Way – 11.4 mi [BORDER]

15. November 2019 News 0

Cold out, right?

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy running in the cold more than running in the heat.  This week has been a little colder than usual, though. I’m still digging through my stored winter clothes to find cold weather workout gear and things to wear under that. Tomorrow morning is predicted to have a “feel” of 11 degrees. You can expect Fast Eddie to look like our model above. You might want to wear something more substantial and protective. We’ll probably still have some nice fall days. One can see, however, that winter is definitely coming. Snow can’t be too far behind.


Borders! Get-cher borders here!

Who wants Haverhill? I know at least 2 RWOBs need it. Increase the difficulty rating, and do it the Hard Way. Escort those RWOBs and see if anyone needs Boxford along the way. Many times we forget that little side jog and have to do it separately. Do you want to be that guy that forgets?



·         Tuesday — BRC Weekly 5K

Start at Rolf’s at 645 pm. Food, drink, and good company to follow. REFLECTIVE SAFETY GEAR is REQUIRED

·         Nov 28th – Feaster Five

·         Dec 8th – Jingle Bell Half Marathon

·         Dec 14th – The Assault on Mt. Hood

·         Dec 21st – BRC Christmas Run



Corny, sure. But it’s all I could come up with today.





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