BRC Run – 01/05 – 0645 – A New Year – 8 miles (and several assorted options)

04. January 2019 News 0

What do you need me for?

It appears people are just going to go run whatever the hell they want, whenever they want to. Since I’ve met most of you, I wouldn’t expect anything less. It’s like herding cats in here.

Make the cats’ paths merge.

So, given the extra-long course some RWOBs are attempting, I remembered a route that matches some of it, without going overboard. Go run Holly Ridge, and then cut over to run Coventry. Come back on Dale/Salem. It’s hilly, but it’s only about 8 miles.

If that’s too much, you can run the BRC 10K route.

Still too much? Maybe try the 5K route.

But if you want the whole enchilada, some guys are running 18.5 miles. You’ll have to check with them to see what pace. This route gets you the North Reading and Middleton borders.


We have a big Induction Night coming up for 6 new members and 1 kinda new member who missed his 1st Induction Night.  It is on Tuesday 1/15 at exactly 7ish.

I hope we can have a big turnout for this great group.  Hope to see you all there.  Where is there?  Still to be determined.  Frank said he would get back to you after he converses with our Induction Night Location Chair, and Tom.


122.  Mick Grant

124.  KJ Nam

125.  Maura Szendey 

126.  Randy Heins

127.  Matt Collar

128.  Chris Parker

129.  Steve Seide

Check with your doctor before trying BRC. Do not attempt BRC if you are allergic to BRC. BRC has been known to cause sleeplessness, drunkenness, giddiness, and in some cases, loneliness. BRC has not been known to cause liver damage…directly. That thing in Colorado was a fluke. Nobody ever proved BRC caused it. People with weak support systems should only BRC if they BRC once a BRC. BRC.






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