BRC Run – 9/22 – I’m Lazy – 6.2mi

21. September 2018 News 0


So, that was fun. Surely more fun than should be allowed. Now I’m tired and feel like being a little lazy. That will be reflected in my work here. No planning. Just go run the 10K or 5K routes. If you need more miles, you can 1) start early and do more miles, or 2) add on some more miles after the 10K route, or 3) a little bit of both.


All of the teams at RTB seemed pleased with their results. New Hampshire will never be the same. In addition, I saw a picture or two from Germany, and the Berlin Marathon. Nice work, Val. Also, Gorman is running again. Watch out. If anyone else had a major effort over the past week, I am sorry I missed it. I’ve been in quite a fog.

The BRC Ultra Border Crawl is Coming

Remember that the Crawl is coming on Oct 6th, so some of you may really want more miles. If you haven’t been in touch with Mat regarding this challenging effort, get in touch quickly. Spots are still available.


When is this guy going to plan a real route?  





Countdown Calendar
Clarence DeMar Marathon 9/30/2018                  8
Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon 9/30/2018                  8
BRC Ultra Border Crawl 10/6/2018                14
Chicago Marathon 10/7/2018                15
Trot for Special Tots 10/14/2018                22
Knights on the Run 5K 10/20/2018                28
Baystate Marathon and Half 10/21/2018                29
The Assault on Mt. Hood 12/8/2018                77

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