BRC Run – 6/15 – Just One Hill? – 7.4 mi

15. June 2018 News 0

Just One Hill

Anybody can do this easy uphill jaunt, right? Ummm…maybe not. But I’ll show some serious respect to Rusty and Jess (and anyone else who got registered) as they make the climb up the auto road. Check out the elevation profile on this beast.

Anyway… What and where are we running? I thought a nice 10 miler to South Andover would be fun, with a shorter 6 mile Express option that takes a little shortcut.


BRC Express:

Something Else you should Tri it Out

The BRC Triathlon is coming July 14th. It will start at the Common with a 5 mile bike ride out to Boxford followed by a 500 yard swim in Stiles Pond and a 5 mile bike ride back to the Common, culminating with a 5K run along the July 4th race course. The BRC TRI gets all types, from first timers to competitive types who are prepping for their next race. 

Paul O’Neil has about 16 participants already signed up. He has 2 Volunteers who are definite. Please let Paul know if you’re interested in participating at all. Good starting positions are still available.


Run? I thought it said Rum.




Countdown Calendar
Mount Washington Road Race 6/16/2018                  1
North Andover 4th of July Race 7/4/2018                19
BRC Triathlon 7/14/2018                29
Greenway 5K 8/12/2018                58
Reach the Beach Relay 9/14/2018                91

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